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Why Mobile Repair is Always a Cost-effective Option than Buying a New Phone?

Why Mobile Repair is Always a Cost-effective Option than Buying a New Phone?

Mobile phones are becoming so cheap that people prefer it to get a new phone when the old one fails to work properly. In some cases, the repairing service seems costlier than purchasing a new phone. But, once you come to know the benefits of repairing services, you will no longer want to buy a new phone. So, continue your reading to explore why phone repair is so advantageous.

Reasons to Choose Repair over Purchasing a New Phone:

We have mentioned why repairing is beneficial than replacing mobile phones.

1. Cost Efficiency

Since cost is the most determining factor in any situation, we have placed it in the first place. Repair prices on an average range between  $50 and $130. Whereas, you need to spend $200-$1,000 for buying a new mobile. The repairing service will not only save money but extend the life of your phone as well. By nature, some people like to have the newest and shiniest device in the market. So, if you want too thin in the same way, then first try to determine whether certain new features are worth your extra cash or not. If not, then it is not worthwhile for you to go for a new phone.

2. Better Usability

It has been reported that 23% of the people continue to use a cracked screen even after cutting their fingers on it. They haven’t replaced the broken screen of their phones due to the misconception that repairs are expensive. Even some users endure a draining battery instead of repairing or replacing it.


So, people might misguide you that repairs are more expensive than purchasing a new phone. But, you should not believe this and repair your phone without delay. You might have become accustomed to your phone and hence it would take to adopt the features of a new phone. Then, why not repair your existing phone and restore the usability.

3. Utilize the Warranty

Reputed companies in the market offer a warranty period for their mobile phones. If your phone is malfunctioning, then check the warranty period attached to it. Even some brands provide warranty for a broken screen. So, if your phone has not gone beyond the warranty period, then visit the service center and utilize the warranty. Thus, the repair will be free of charge and saves your money as well.

4. Getting the Maximum Value

The minimum investment is necessary to afford a smartphone these days. Thus, you shouldn’t let this investment go waste easily. So, regardless of the problem, you must repair your phone to get the maximum value out of it. If your phone goes beyond repair, then only go for a new one.

5. Saves Time

Good repair shops or service centers do not take much time to repair devices. If possible, then they will try to fix your phone within a few hours only. Whereas, critical repairs will take one or two days. Hence, it won’t be troublesome for you to give this much time for getting your phone back into working condition.

On the other hand, the market is flooded with so many brands of mobile phones. Thus, adequate research is necessary to find out the most suitable product matching your needs. Now, it is going to be a time-consuming matter to collect this information.


Moreover, you will either have to purchase the phone from a shopping site or retail stores. The online site will take time to deliver the product to your address. However, you will instantly get your phone from a retail store. But, all these activities will take more time than involved in repairing your phone. In addition, some phones come with a complicated setup that will consume much of your time after buying that product.

6. Better Functionality

The older the phone, the better will be the quality of parts used in it. You might not get such quality parts and components in the newer models of mobile phones. Thus, you can’t expect that durability as you can in your existing phone.


Finally, there will be sentimental attachments with your favorite phone that you have handled with due care. Thus, you must honor your sentimental value and try to repair your phone.

How to Choose a Reliable Mobile Service Center Near You?

You must rank a mobile service center based on the following factors:

Years of Experience

It is wise to reach a service center that has quite a few years of experience in the industry. Hence, you can’t rely on a service center that has just entered the industry. Moreover, ensure that the service center has certified professionals who are trained in repairing mobile phones from a wide range of brands. For additional information, visit the website of the service provider and check customer reviews.


The service center must enjoy a good reputation in the mobile industry. Goodwill is reflected in terms of customer satisfaction and the use of genuine parts.

Cost of Service

Before hiring a service provider, know the amount he will charge for repairing your mobile phone. Don’t trust those service providers who assure to provide cheap service. Instead of that, reach a reasonable mobile repair in your area.

Time Required

Besides cost, time equally matters for selecting a repair service. Mobile phones have become a necessity these days. So, the service provider must be fast enough to repair your mobile phone. So, inform the service provider about your problem and know the time he will take to repair your phone.


It is the last but one of the most important factors to find a reliable service provider. Make sure that there will be sufficient guarantee after the repair of your mobile phone. Thus, you will get a free service if any problem arises during the guarantee period.

Hopefully, you will no longer face any difficulties to select a nearby mobile repair. So, go ahead and do the best justice for your mobile phone.

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