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Sony Repair Dubai

Reach Quality Sony Phone Repairs in Dubai, UAE

When it comes to the selection of mobile phones, Sony seems to be a leading brand name. Authoritative and vivacious displays are two factors that people emphasize during web browsing or updating social media content. Sony Android has succeeded in offering these two factors as desired by users. Its users can enjoy premium benefits while making calls, watching movies or using an application. Despite the facilities, users get from their Sony device, problems are bound to occur. Unresponsive touchscreen, slow performance, battery or charging issues are frequently faced problems by Sony users. Whatever might be the reason, you will need to visit a repair center if the problem can be fixed at home. So, if you are residing in Dubai, then connect with us to get back your old Sony phone. Let Sony Mobile Repair in Dubai handle all your smartphone queries

Problems Looked after by our Sony Mobile Repair Center in Dubai

We are known to provide solutions for the following problems with Sony phones:

Unresponsive Touch Screen 

As of now, unresponsive touch screens are found to be the most annoying issue for Sony users. The problem mostly occurs when users use the on-screen keyboard. It can be a software or hardware problem. Perhaps the firmware needs repairs or the screen protector that is causing problems with the display. Thus, such a problem is impossible to fix manually. So, let our phone repair experts take care of the problem immediately.

Slow Performance

Slow performance is the next evident problem after the unresponsive screen. Though Sony phones are equipped with powerful processors, they are not optimized to play games or running applications. So, if the problem occurs with third-party applications, then uninstall them and perform a factory reset. For additional help, we are here to help you out.

Charging Issues

Users often complain that their phones take too long to accept a charge. If the power outlet or charger is okay, then there are chances that the charging port is broken. Perhaps it is a battery issue and hence your phone is unable to take the charge properly. Hence, you need technicians who will rule out the possibilities and identify the actual problem that is occurring your phone.

Battery Life Drains Quickly

The lifespan of Batteries in Android phones generally lasts for two to three years. In certain cases, the batteries last for more time. Whereas, in other cases, the batteries die much before the lifespan ends. In this case, remove the apps which are consuming too much of your phone battery. If the problem still persists, then you might have to replace the battery. So, contact us to get a new battery for your Sony phone.

Picture Quality Issues

You might encounter a color shading problem while trying to take pictures with your Sony phone. Sometimes your phone might capture faded pictures or videos. You can attempt to adjust the camera settings, boot your mobile in Safe Mode, or update the software. Ultimately, you will require a repair service if the problem is a critical one.

Screen Replacement

Mobile phones are so portable that they can drop from our hands at any time. As a result, you will come across a cracked screen that won’t let you use your phone as before. Sometimes users fail to unlock their phone with a cracked screen. If you are one of them, then you won’t be able to access data saved on your device. Connect with us so that we can attach a new screen on your mobile phone.

Get in touch with a Credible Sony mobile Repair Center in Dubai

Are you looking for the fastest and excellent mobile repair service in Dubai, then it is just fingertips away from you. We assure that you can reach our professionals anytime and anywhere. We don’t delay a single moment when it comes to Sony phone repairs. Both onsite assistance and offsite mobile phone repair services are available with us. We have a record of providing quality repair services in Dubai. You can obtain our service for any model of Sony phones. Apart from damage repair services, we sell branded mobile phone accessories as well. Thus, you can reach us for mobile phone accessories like chargers, earphones, tempered glass, and more.

Since we do not sell any local products, you will get only genuine products from us. We don’t overcharge our customers and rank among the affordable mobile phone repair services in Dubai. Moreover, we offer doorstep services without any delivery charges. Finally, all services are free if you face any problem within the guaranteed period. Therefore, make a call @:042706946 or place your order by writing an email. If you have time, then reach our nearest service center and explore the available options.

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