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Fast Repair Smartphones LEARN MORE Our company produces the urgent repair of electronic devices without additional cost. In this short period of time does not affect the quality of work. Repair iPhone & iPad LEARN MORE If your iPhone has any problem just give us a call our iphone expert will visit at your location and efficiently repair your iPhone right in front of your eyes.

Mobile Repair Dubai


The present age is the age of science and technology. Advancement in this field has made us more advanced in comparison to ancient time. Now it is almost impossible for us to ignore the impact of technology on our daily lives. The demand for new inventions is sky high. However nothing can be compared to the best invention of the 21st century, that is “The Mobile Phones”. The rising popularity of this small gadget has taken a world by a storm. In today’s time, a mobile phone is considered as a basic necessity of life. Along with providing us with an easy and fast way of communication, it can also be used for various purposes like for surfing the internet, listening to music, playing games, capturing your precious moments or for watching your favorite movie.

Best & Guaranteed Mobile Repair in Dubai

Looking for a mobile repair in Dubai since your phone is not working properly? Usually, professional mobile repair in Sharjah will take less time than expected. 

We, at Mobile Repairs Dubai, offer you the best mobile repairing service for your Android and iPhone. If you are looking for a mobile service centre near you, book our team. Our experts will reach you within the minimum possible time to provide you with the best mobile repair services Dubai

Our on-site mobile repair Dubai team will provide the exact solution you want to fix the mobile issue. We have an expert team dedicated to solving every problem you face on your mobile. So, you can expect guaranteed service and dedication from our highly trained and experienced team in mobile repair in Dubai.

If you are searching for a mobile repairing shop near you, Mobile Repair service in Dubai can be the ultimate option. However, you don’t have to visit a shop since we provide pick-and-drop and on-site mobile repair service. Just get in touch with us, book our service, and our expert team will arrive at your doorstep, offering you the best deal. 

Suppose one day your mobile phone accidentally slips out of your pocket and your phone screen breaks. What would be your reaction? How will you feel? In such situation, one will feel disabled or helpless. As in today’s time having a mobile phone is not luxury, it’s a requirement.

But if you are dealing with any mobile issue, you don’t need to worry. As we are available 24*7 for your assistance. We along with our experienced and skilled technical support ensures you to provide quality solutions and that too at affordable prices. With a track record of offering quick and most efficient service, we have earned a reputation as one of the leading and top brands in mobile phone repairing industry of  Dubai.

Our professionals are expert enough to handle all brands of mobile phones like iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, Sony, LG, one plus and so on.

The fastest and excellent mobile repair near me are now just fingertips away from you. As now you can get in touch with our professionals anytime anywhere, and we assure to reach you without any delay. We provide you with onsite assistance as well as offsite mobile repair services. You can contact us by making a call or by writing an email; we are always ready to help you out. We are a one-stop solution for all your mobile phone related issues.

Along with providing you with best damage repair services, we also offer you with branded mobile phone accessories like charger, battery, earphones, temper glass etc. at very affordable and pocket-friendly prices. You can place your order writing to us or by making a call. We will deliver it to you at your doorsteps without any delivery charges. You can also visit our nearest service center and choose among various options available.

Let us help! If your phone has a broken front glass, non-responsive buttons, a broken camera, etc
We can fix it! If your iPad or tablet has a broken screen, a broken headphone jack, or a broken button; bring it to us. Most often, you will get the device today.
We can fix it in house. In most cases, we can have your repaired phone back to you within the same day.

Our Services

iphone repair

iPhone / iPad Repair

If your iPhone has any problem just give us a call our iphone expert will visit at your location and efficiently repair your iPhone right in front of your eyes.

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samsung repair

Samsung Repair

Repair guides and teardowns for many Android Samsung cell phones, old and new, including the popular Galaxy product line.

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HTC Repair

We provide a lot of services for HTC mobile users. Best in class repair works are guaranteed and we assure timely delivery without any delays.

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Sony Repair

You want it larger than life and you get that from your Sony Android.  From apps, movies, emails and, of course, making calls you get a premium experience.

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With our customer support team, we are ready to listen to your issues 24 X 7.


We respect our time as well as yours. Hence we provide fast and most reliable solutions to all your problems.


In case you are unable to reach our place, We commit to providing you technical support at your premises.


If you are facing any mobile related issue. Our technician is available 24 X 7 to serve you with best.


In case you want your damaged phone to be picked up from your location or if you want us to deliver it back to your place


We diagnose your handset free of cost, and then you can decide whether you want to get it fixed or not.


We provide 1-month warranty for all replaced parts like batteries, motherboard, display screen, power buttons etc.


We  are committed to providing same day mobile repair and replacement services.


We replace various damaged parts of your branded mobile phones with their original substitutes and also provide 100% genuine accessories for your tablets and mobile phones.


If you break your mobile phone screen accidentally, then you only need to pay the cost of that screen. We don’t charge for our service.


Quality is what we never ignore. We promise to grant you best quality services as well as products in the entire market and that too at affordable prices.


We provide you with best technicians and customer support team in the entire region. They have years of experience in handling and repairing mobile phones.

Problems We Fix – The Best Mobile Repair Near me Dubai

Is your phone taking too much time to complete a short task? Are you facing any issues related to your mobile display? Your mobile OS may be outdated or infected by malware. Whether it is a hardware or software issue, Mobile Repair Near me Dubai offers the best mobile repair in Sharjah. 

Check out some mobile issues we have fixed by our expert mobile repair team. You don’t have to worry if you face any of these issues. All you have to do is call us and log your mobile issue in detail. 

Overheating Issue

You can face overheating issues on your mobile phone when you use it for a long time. But, if you identify that your mobile is overheating even when you have not used it for a long time, there is some possibility of having hardware issues. 

In this case, contact us to get the best possible repair service for your mobile overheating issue. Our Mobile Repair Dubai experts will analyse the issue to decide whether it is a software or hardware problem. 

Wireless connection issues

Are you facing any problems with your mobile’s Bluetooth or Wi-Fi feature? Unfortunately, there are some possibilities of Wireless Connection issues if you find that you cannot connect a device through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. 

If you cannot pair your mobile with other devices, you can check if it is already paired. Otherwise, the problem might be severe. Thus, you need to opt for our mobile repair in Dubai service. 

Mobile Repair service in Dubai works for excellence, and you will get the best outcome from us. We provide complete repair for Bluetooth or Wi-Fi errors on your mobile. 

Cracked mobile screen

Dropping mobiles on the ground or hard surfaces is unavoidable, as accidents happen. Even if your mobile screen has been built with Gorilla Glass technology, they are not crack-proof. 

Dropping your mobile can break your mobile screen, which affects its display. However, a cracked mobile screen does not certainly mean you have to buy a new mobile.

But, if you find any issue due to a cracked screen, Mobile Repairs Dubai is your best bet. Our expert team has the latest technologies and tools to offer you the fastest recovery. 

You will get a warranty on our mobile repair service with our quick, on-site services. Book our professional assistance and get the best service through our mobile repairing shop near you. 

Defective Charging Port

You may find that your mobile’s charging port has become less effective. Thus, increasing the charging time more than before over time. There are different reasons behind this issue, such as debris that disrupts the power supply to charge your mobile properly. 

In this case, you can use a cotton swab or toothbrush to clean your mobile’s charging port. But, if you find your mobile’s charging port is defective or broken, you can book our service. Mobile Repairing shop near me in Dubai will offer you the best charging port replacement and mobile service centre near you. 

Apart from repairing or replacing the charging port, our expert team examines all other charging parts for comprehensive recovery. In addition, you can choose the mobile housing replacement and repair in case it is damaged. 

Get exceptional and affordable mobile repair near me Dubai services only from Mobile Repairs Dubai. 

Other issues 

Apart from the above issues, we also provide mobile repair Dubai services across the following issues that can be your concern:

  • Decreased mobile sound
  • Slow screen refresh rate
  • Colour shifts and green lines on the screen
  • Inappropriate colour tones
  • Unresponsive mobile screen 

We always take care of your mobile data while resetting or repairing your mobile. Our expert team is aware of how to deal with your mobile storage and back while repairing it. Get the best quality mobile repair in Dubai through the most reliable mobile service centre near you. 

We Repair Mobiles of Different Brands – Our Mobile Repair Services Dubai

Looking for mobile repair in Sharjah? Mobile Repairs Dubai provides outstanding mobile repairing near you no matter what mobile brand you are using. 

Moreover, our expert team is flexible in dealing with any mobile phone. So, you will get a guaranteed mobile repair at a cost-effective price. 

Here is the list of mobile phone brands that our expert engineers have fixed recently:

  • Samsung
  • Realme
  • Nokia
  • Motorola
  • Huawei
  • Apple 
  • Xiaomi
  • WangFeng
  • OnePlus
  • Google
  • Oppo

So, it is not a difficult thing for us to repair your mobile phone no matter what brand it is. You can book our mobile repairing near you for a rapid solution to any mobile issue. 

How to Book Our Mobile Repair Dubai Services?

Resolve your mobile malfunctioning issues with our certified and dedicated mobile repair service. Our expert team is operational across Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and every other location near you. Hence, we can cater for immediate mobile repair in Dubai without any unwanted downtime. 

All you need to do is reach us and log your mobile repair request using our booking process. 

Here are the ways you need to follow to get mobile repair in Dubai:

Get in touch with Mobile Repair Near me Dubai

Call us and mention the mobile issues you are facing in detail. Share your mobile brand and model details so that we can provide you with the best mobile repair in Sharjah. 

Book an Appointment

You can schedule our mobile repair in Dubai service to fix your mobile issue. We provide both pick-and-drop band on-site service. So, based on your choice, you can schedule the service accordingly. 

Get an extended guarantee

Mobile Repairs Dubai diagnoses any type of issue on your mobile and identifies the proper solution for it. So, book our industry-leading mobile repair in Dubai for a professional and trusted service.

Why Choose Our Mobile Repair Near Me Dubai?

Mobile repairs Dubai is the first choice in the mobile and electronics repairing market. Our expert team has achieved huge success in repairing various mobiles and is best known for their productivity. 

Here are the reasons why you should select our mobile repair Dubai service:

Authentic and Certified Mobile Parts

Mobile Repairs Dubai offers 100% genuine and OEM-certified mobile spares for all branded mobiles. So, if your mobile parts are replaced during repair, you will get the original product like a mobile service centre near you. Mobile Repairs in Dubai also offers an extended warranty on replaced parts since we only use genuine spares while repairing your mobile. 

Fulfilled Solutions

Our mobile repair experts prefer quality over quantity. So, you will get the best solution after a detailed investigation of your mobile issue. Get premium quality mobile repairing near you from Mobile Repairs Dubai. 

Skilled and Qualified Expert

Mobile Repairs Dubai collaborates with the best mobile repair experts in Dubai and Sharjah. Our expert team has verified certifications and references. They assure premium and quality service and are known for being the best mobile service centre near you. 

Get the Best Deal with Mobile Repair Services Dubai

Whether it is a cracked screen, defective charging port, or overheating issue, recover your mobile with our quality and mobile repair in Dubai. Our experts turn your defective mobile into a normal one. 

So, reach us to schedule your appointment with our mobile repair services Dubai experts in and around Dubai and Sharjah. Call our customer support team for more information. 

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