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Some Basic Tips to Learn Mobile Phone Repair Online for FREE

Some Basic Tips to Learn Mobile Phone Repair Online for FREE


mobile phone RepairMobile phones are delicate electronic devices that might trigger an issue suddenly. Think of a situation when your mobile phone stops working in the middle of the night. Then what will you do to come out of this situation instantly?  No repair shop will be available to look after your problem. You might come across some online sites that are round the clock available to address the problems of mobile phone users. But, sometimes you might fail to visit these sites due to poor internet connection or other problems. 

Moreover, you will be left with no option if you have no other device to access the internet. Thus, it is essential to keep a backup that can help you in this situation. This backup is nothing but some basic tips on how to repair your mobile phone temporarily. Sometimes, the tips become effective to remove the problem from its root as well. So, if you are willing to explore these tips, then stay with this blog. 

Basic Workarounds that You Can Apply before Reaching a Certified Technician

Here are some of the useful ways to have a temporary solution for your important device. 

Arrange for the Necessary Tools

Unless you have the necessary tools, you can start any repair service. The same goes for mobile phone repairs as well. You don’t know what type of problem you are going to encounter with your phone. Thus, we would ask you to arrange all the important tools that a certified technician maintains. Moreover, we have listed down all the must-have tools that are sufficient enough to do your work for the time being. 

  • Soldering iron for accessing the internal components
  • Magnifying glass for having a close view of the part needs to be repaired
  • Magnifying lamp to enlarge the PCB of your mobile phone
  • A PCB holder for holding different types of PCB of your mobile
  • Solder wire to solder electronic components
  • A digital or analog multimeter to identify faults
  • An antistatic mat to prevent damages from static electricity
  • Hot air blower to regulate the temperature and flow of hot air
  • A non-metallic mobile phone opener
  •  ESD-Safe cleaning brushes for removing dust from your mobile PCB
  • Tweezers to hold wires, IC, components, etc while soldering or desoldering 
  • Battery tester to check the condition of your mobile phone battery
  • Cleaning sponge to keep the tip of soldering iron clean
  • Desoldering wire to remove excess solder from PCB
  • LCD tester to check the mobile phone display
  • Blade, point, and nose cutter for cutting wires
  • Antistatic apron and hand gloves to protect yourself from electric shocks

Get a mobile phone repair kit to get all these tools in one pack. 

Ensure a Neat and Clean Work Area

It would be difficult for you to get hold of the repairing tools in a disorganized working area. Moreover, a dirty environment won’t let you do the work smoothly. Hence, it can cause further damage to your device as well. Remember that a dust-free environment always offers better results and saves time. So, keep your workstation ready and then start your repairs. 

Buy Spare Parts

Spares are necessary to replace the parts having problems. So, check the model name of your mobile phone and search for the spare parts in the market. Also, ensure that you are purchasing genuine parts that will be compatible with your mobile phone. So, if you arrange for spare parts beforehand, then it will help you to overcome critical problems. 

Keep the SIM and Memory Card Safety

When you are about to repair your phone, take out the SIM and memory card. Therefore, keep them aside or at a certain place that is within your reach. Otherwise, these minute parts might get replaced and cause more trouble for you. 

Secure Your Data

No matter what type of repair your mobile phone repair requires, you must ensure the safety of data. You should not go for such repairs that might erase the data saved on your phone. For better precaution, back up your data on external storage or computer. After most of the repairs, mobile phones require a reset. So, if you have to be more data conscious in such situations. 

Consult a Friend

One of your friends might have suffered from the problem that you are struggling with. Therefore, talk to that friend and know the solution he/she applied. If this solution does not work for you, then you have to take help from the internet. Now, you might question what should be done when you do not have an internet connection. We will recommend you to open a web browser and then enter the model name of your mobile phone. Then, take a look at the problems users have already faced with this model. Next, note down the possible troubleshooting steps so that you can apply them when required. 

Preventive Measure for Water Damage

Water damage is one of the most common human errors for mobile phones. It happens when users accidentally pour water or any other liquid on their device. When this problem occurs, most users adopt the wrong ways like:

  • Using a hairdryer
  • Placing the phone near a radiator
  • Putting the phone inside a microwave oven

If you ever drop your mobile phone in water, then you must wipe away the water in the first place. Then, wait until the phone becomes completely dry. Next, tap on the Power button and check whether the phone turns on or not. In case the phone refuses to power on, then open the back cover, remove the battery, and check the internal components. If necessary, then you have to repair the internal parts as well. 

It is all you need to know about trying to repair a mobile phone at your home. Still, we would ask you to reach a repair center if the problem is too critical to fix for a nonprofessional. 


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