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5 Ways to Repair Your Mobile Phone Display

Repair Your Mobile

5 Ways to Repair Your Mobile Phone Display

The dedicated tempered glass on the display of your mobile phones protects it against minor threats like scratches, cracks and others. Major incidents can easily damage the screen and you need repairs or replacements service. If you think that you can do the replacement on your own, then you must follow some strict procedures. 

But, the experience of the repair or replacement procedure plays one of the biggest key roles. So, if you think that you are not competent enough, then choose Mobile Repair Dubai services

Gathering the Necessary Materials

Before starting the process, you need to gather some of the key items. Without these items, the entire operation can never get accomplished and you might have to abort it. So, you need a brand-new display, screwdrivers, extra screws, curved tweezers, straight tweezers, and others. 

Initiate the Operation 

After you have gathered all the necessary items, you can start the process. Before that, you can also take some advice from the experts of mobile repair services about handling the delicate parts. So, let’s begin-

1. Unwrap the new display

Open the plastic covering of the brand-new display. Take a close look and make sure that it is of the particular mobile phone model that you use. After that, keep aside the plastic and other documentation safely. In case, the new display turns out to be defective, you can change it afterwards. 

2. Unscrew to open the phone 

First, you have to open the back cover of the device. After that, you will see the number of screws present there. Unscrew them one by one and keep the screws aside safely. Be sure that you don’t lose them. After that, open the front cover and do the same. If there are plastic clippings present there, pull to open them up gently, with the help of a curved tweezer. 

3. Eliminate the broken screen

Now, pull to remove the broken display. There might be one or two display electronic tapes attached to the motherboard. Slowly and gently pull them up, with the help of the curved tweezers. Now, keep the broken display aside. It is of no use, so you have to dispose of it. If you have accidentally broken some delicate parts of the device, immediately contact the mobile repair services for help. 

4. Change the adhesive 

The electronic adhesive is used to attach the tapes in the motherboard, as well as the displays. You can get this type of adhesives online. Buy it and apply it where it is necessary. When the application is over, leave it for a few minutes to dry it out. 

5. Install the new display 

If you are sitting under the fan, then turn it off. Now, hold the display firmly and set it to its desired place. Gently press the corners of the display gently to set it properly. After that attach the magnetic tapes in its respective places, to the motherboard. 


When the installation of the new display is over, close the front and back cover of the device. Now, tighten the screws at their respective places, with the help of the screwdriver. Always be cautious that you don’t hurt yourself while operating with the sharp objects. Revert back the plastic clippings to finish the entire operation. 

Now, turn on the phone and check whether the display is working properly. If not, then take it to the nearest mobile repair service centre. Join with Mobile Repairs Dubai to get the device fixed within the least possible downtime.

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