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Why You Shouldn’t Try to Repair iPhone on Your Own?

Why You Shouldn’t Try to Repair iPhone on Your Own?

It’s quite obvious that you accidentally dropped your iPhone from your hand. And, this can lead to the situation where your screen has cracked or damaged and stopped working. Sometimes, it’s also possible that your iPhone functions properly, but you are unable to receive any call or can’t see what is on the screen. 

Nowadays, most of the companies offer repair kits. With this, you can repair your iPhone quickly and save a lot of money. That’s it? No, as there’s more to the story. 

According to the experts associated with iPhone repair Dubai, these DIY options are incredibly risky. Also, many times, these kits don’t provide all the essential tools that you might require to fix your phone.

Still confused, and unable to decide whether to use the DIY option of not? Keep reading to know more:

Read the Signs, It’s time to repair your iPhone

Is only accident dropping responsible for your iPhone damage? The answer is No, as numerous reasons can lead to the same issue. Here, professionals associated with iPhone repair have discussed some common signs that indicate it’s time for you to repair or replace your device.

  • In case, you are not able to download new applications or programs, then there’s something wrong with your device.
  • If after a full charge, your iPhone shut down randomly in the middle of the day, then it may be the perfect time to repair your phone.
  • Is your phone moving really slowly? Has the touch screen stop working? If the answer is Yes, then first, try to remove the unnecessary apps, pictures and video. And, if still, nothing happens, then it is time to replace or repair your device.
  • What can you do without a Power button, as it’s the most crucial component? Hence, if this situation occurs, then you don’t have any other option rather than repair your iPhone.

Top 3 Reasons why not try to use DIY Option

Hope, till now you have an idea on which conditions you need an immediate repair solution. Now, as many companies provide repairing Kit, many users believe that they can perform the task on their own. As we have already mentioned earlier, using the DIY option can lead to several issues. Besides, the following points will clear all your doubts.

  • Most of the DIY Kits are Frauds

On eBay, many people make an amazing deal for a DIY iPhone repair kit and instantly purchase it to avoid the costly repair fixes. However, some of them have reported that the repair Kit package only includes a glass screen. Now, if you have a new iPhone model, who needs a digitizer, LCD and glass together, then that glass will be useless for you. Apart from this, if you want to return the DIY Kit, you might have to pay return money.

  • DIY iPhone Kits takes too much Time

In case, you wish to get a complete DIY Kit, then this will surely take lots of your time- like, first, you might search online for the most suitable DIY kit, as per your requirement. Also, to be on the safe side, you might consult with your friends. Hence, this is a time-consuming procedure and you should keep patience. On the other hand, if you rely upon a professional expert, then within half an hour, you can overcome the situation.

  • DIY Kits are not Always Cost-Effective

In some cases, the DIY repair Kits might be cheaper than the local repair store. However, remember that DIY Kits does not provide you with any guaranteed service. Apart from this, these Kits are cheaper as the DIY option doesn’t come with the original parts. Hence, if you use these parts within your device, then your iPhone can get damaged suddenly. 

Benefits of Hiring Professional Experts

No matter how much you take care of your device, after a certain period of time, it will suffer from several issues. In these circumstances, calling out a professional expert will always be beneficial for you. 


If your iPhone is broken, then there’s no need of instantly buying a new phone. As, with a trustable professional expert, you can easily fix your valuable device. Apart from this, a professional repair service provider always charges a reasonable price from you.

Expert Service

This is the biggest advantage you will get if you work with a professional expert. Expert technicians are continuously dealing with many sorts of issues and for them, customer satisfaction is the ultimate aspect.

Genuine parts

A professional service provider always uses genuine components in order to fix a broken phone. Also, they can fix the problem on the same day.


Finally, we suggest if your iPhone has been broken or has other issues, then always rely upon a technician. You can join with Mobile Repair Dubai and take help from the experts who have been dealing with iPhone repair in Dubai for years.

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