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How to Prolong the Cell Phone Battery Life?


How to Prolong the Cell Phone Battery Life?

Simple and Proven Tips to Follow

It is expensive to replace the lithium-ion battery of your cell phone. You would need to visit a mobile repair center in order to get an official battery replacement. Then, why not trying to extend the lifespan of your phone battery. You are lucky if you haven’t felt the requirement of replacing your phone battery. Thus, you can apply some tips to maintain the good condition of your battery.

Battery life refers to the number of hours for which the cell phone battery will last. Whereas, life span implies the number of months and years for which the battery will last. Therefore, we have focused on the life span of cell phone batteries. So, if you are interested in preserving your cell phone battery, then continue your reading.

12 Tips to Avoid Mobile Battery Replacement :

Go through the following points to understand how your phone battery degrades. Then, it would be easier for you to save the battery.

1. Avoid Extreme Heat and Cold

Extreme heat or cold can strain the cell phone battery and shorten its lifespan. For instance, you have left your phone in the car during hot summers or cold winters. So, keep your phone away from such humid or freezing conditions.

2. Avoid Fast Charging

The battery gets affected when you charge the phone quickly. Similarly, it is harmful to charge your phone overnight. Connect your phone to a computer to limit the amount of current and slow down the charging rate.

3. Disable Bluetooth and WiFi When not Required

Don’t unnecessarily turn on Bluetooth and WiFi when they are not in use. Or else, these features will tend to consume battery and reduce its lifespan. However, instead of using cellular data, use WiFi when connections are available. It’s because WiFi uses less battery life.

4. Avoid Draining the Battery to 0% or Charging it to 100%

Unlike older types of rechargeable batteries, newer phone batteries are affected when charged all the way to 100%. Similarly, it is not advisable to drain the battery all the way to 0%. Hence, try to keep the battery above 20% and below 90%. It is best when the battery remains around 50% capacity. Do you know that the phone battery slightly degrades with each charging cycle? Charging your phone from 0 to 100% complete a charge cycle. Some people use more than one charge cycle a day. It actually depends upon how much you use your phone. According to battery manufacturers, the battery’s capacity degrades by 20% after 400 cycles. Thus, try to restrict the number of cycles as much as possible.

5. Turn Down the Screen Brightness

Smartphones are known to use an excessive amount of battery. When you reduce the brightness, your phone tends to use less battery. So, turn down the overall screen brightness while listening to music or playing games. Whereas, increase the brightness for the remaining activities on your phone. Furthermore, turn on adaptive brightness or else, the brightness will automatically increase and decrease without your requirement.

6. Choose a Dark Theme

From the viewpoint of some experts, a dark theme allows the phone to consume less battery. So, choose a dark theme and as a preventive measure.

7. Turn on the Energy Saving Mode

Find out the power saving modes on your phone and enable them to limit the performance of the processor. It, in turn, will improve the battery life of your phone effectively.

8. Stops Apps Running in the Background

If apps aren’t necessary, then prevent them from running in the background of your phone. Moreover, turn off the location tracking apps that seem to consume more battery. Background refresh is another battery waster. So, go to Settings and disable it as well.

9. Uninstall Battery Draining Apps

Open the Settings app and tap ‘Device.’ Go to ‘Battery or Settings,’ choose Power, and expand ‘Battery Use’ to see the amount of battery power every installed app is using. So, identify the apps which are consuming too much battery and uninstall them from your phone.

10. Reduce the Screen Timeout

Don’t increase the screen timeout for your phone by one or two minutes. Instead, keep the timeout time around 30 seconds. So, select a fair screen timeout depending upon your requirements.

11. Buy the Premium Version of Ad-Supported Apps

You will find both the free and paid versions of multiple apps. The free versions contain ads that consume battery while you use those apps. Hence, purchase the premium version of such apps in order to avoid the supported ads. Apart from ignoring ads, the premium version will let you enjoy more features of these apps. So, use this trick and extend the battery lifespan in the long run.

12. Turn off Spotlight and Airdrop

If you are using an iPhone, then we would recommend you to turn off Airdrop that allows you to quickly share pictures and files. You can do this from Apple’s Control section.

Spotlight is another built-in search for iOS devices and consumes excessive battery. So, turn off this feature as well and see whether the battery lasts for long hours or not. If the battery lasts for longer hours, then you are able to preserve the battery in the long run. In case if you are not facing problem with your mobile phone then visit the phone repair center near by you.

Final Thoughts…

Current versions of iOS are capable of determining the battery health of your device. But, such a feature is unavailable for Android devices. Thus, install one third-party app to check the condition of the battery. However, you don’t have to worry if you practice the tips provided in this blog. So, make them practice and avoid the need for mobile battery repair instantly.


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