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How Microsoft should fix the Bugs associated with Surface Book 2?

How Microsoft should fix the Bugs associated with Surface Book 2?

Do you have a Surface Book 2 device? Are you getting random bugs in that device? Recently, the Surface Book 2 users have stated that they are getting updated installation errors whenever they are trying to get the latest version of windows in their respective devices.

And, the prime reason behind this glitch is the GPU bug that is blocking the installation process. Additionally, you might get frequent thermal and power issues in the MS Surface Book devices. 

This GPU failure issue mainly arises because of overheating. Because of the battery draining issues, such an issue gets triggered. The MS Surface Book 2 comes with high performance and long-lasting battery, but even through technical glitches can occur at any point in time. 

Now, let’s watch out for the main source that is reducing the performance of the Surface Book laptops. 

Reasons behind such occurrence

In terms of performance and productivity, Microsoft Surface Book 2 is the best model that one can have. But, certain flaws are now rising on a daily basis. Microsoft’s premium PC users were inclined to pay a minimum amount of $1,149 to the Microsoft Surface Book 2 users. 

Additionally, to get a top-of-line model of Microsoft, like Microsoft Surface Book 2, the users have to give $3,300. But, Microsoft failed to keep its promises to the users. And, this device is entangled with several issues. Moreover, this started with a battery issue. The users of Surface Book exclaimed that the device battery consumes more energy than it should be. 

Even, you might face difficulties in the middle of a game and, sometimes, while opening a 3D CAD app. Additionally, the CPU issue has also reportedly slowed down the performance of the device after the Windows 10 May 2019 update. And, apart from that, because of the overheating issues, the temperature of the Surface Book 2 would rise to alarming levels. 

What Next? Dock Issues!!

And, this does not end here. Because of the dock problems, the users failed to get a 4K monitor of 60HZ, as it is not compatible with the Surface Book 2 device. But, the same dock is highly productive in other Surface Pro devices. 

Moreover, Surface Pro 7 and Surface Book 3, was introduced at the same time. But, the USB-C port of these two devices permits the users to connect with a single 4K display, which Surface Book 2 can’t. 

So, if you are getting these kinds of hurdles, look for the professional Microsoft Surface repair service for easy solutions. Or, you can even get hold of the specialized experts of Mobile Repairs Dubai for MS Surface pro repair.

Additionally, being one of the recognised Microsoft Surface repair Dubai service companies, Mobile Repairs Dubai offers effective Microsoft Surface screen repair. Besides, MS Surface pro screen repair, Microsoft Surface screen replacement, Microsoft Surface battery replacement, and Microsoft Surface keypad replacement, they are available round the clock. 

Additionally, they can professionally handle issues of these major MS Surface models, such as:

  • Surface Go
  • MS Surface Pro (5th Gen)
  • Surface Pro 6
  • MS Surface Book3
  • Surface Duo
  • MS Surface Studio and many others. 

Simply look for “Microsoft Surface repair near me” and you will be prompted with the top-rated Microsoft Surface Service Center Dubai who offers repair services maintaining high professionalism and quality.

Possible Solutions for the Users

Microsoft has come up with an upgraded 127W Surface power supply that will resolve the power issues. And, for that, the user just needs to pay another $125. But, the 4K display problem still remains unsolved. 


Bugs or technical problems can appear now and then. And, it is needless to stress about that. And, after a large number of complaints, Microsoft is trying to rectify its faults associated with the Surface Book 2. Recently, they came up with the 127W power supply, which is of course not free but they are offering a hefty discount.

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