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Cracked iPhone Screen? Here’s How to Fix it

Cracked iPhone Screen

Cracked iPhone Screen? Here’s How to Fix it

Cracked iPhone Screen

Dropping an iPhone device is a common issue that many people have been facing for a long time. It is an honest mistake, a slippery slope and then the next thing you know is that an enormous crack has formed on the screen. Most of these cracks depend on the intensity of the fall. This implies, if the fall is from a great height then the crack is severe. Unfortunately, these cracks can spoil the touch screen and stop you from accessing it anyhow. 

Under such circumstances what can be done? Well, to find out, read below on how you can use certain methods to fix the iPhone screen crack

Methods to Fix an iPhone Screen Crack

Before you begin with the methods, it is advisable to keep in mind that if you choose a third-party service other than Apple, then your warranty becomes invalid. However, use these methods to fix the crack!

  • iPhone Under Warranty 

If the iPhone’s screen has been cracked, then find out if the device is running under any warranty or not. If you see that the device is running under warranty then simply get in touch with the Apple authorized seller. This way, you will get your phone screen repaired instantly without waiting for them to pick up and send the device back to you.

  • AppleCare Facility

Similar to the previous option, if you have an extended warranty under AppleCare, then you will get its benefits. However, there is a big difference between a standard warranty and the warranty that comes under AppleCare. The AppleCare warranty makes sure it covers every physical damage to the device but with a charge which may result in more from the standard warranty. 

  • iPhone Insurance 

Apple provides iPhone insurance policies that can cover to an extent accidental damage. If you’ve bought the policy then review it again and check for screen repair damage. The service charge may be of some amount but it would be less than getting an iPhone device replacement. So, it is important to go through the insurance policies and procedures for the fixing. 

  • iPhone Replacement 

This option is eligible for those who were already planning to buy a new smartphone. If you’ve used your iPhone device for more than two years and it has some underlying issues that you’ve been dealing with, then a replacement service can solve the problem. You can switch to an upgraded version of the iPhone if your purchased plan is over. Once you have bought the new device, you can always sell the cracked iPhone to those who are looking forward to buying it. 

Tips on Preventing Further Damage to the iPhone Screen!

Preventing damage to an iPhone device can be tricky as the damage is always inevitable. But, you can still minimize it by implementing the precautions mentioned below!

  • iPhone Cases are strong and durable. If you invest in a good iPhone case, then the results will be fruitful. It will absorb the damaging impact and protect the screen from cracking. 
  • As you know, screen guards or rather a screen protectors are of great importance, not only for the iPhone but for all smartphones This is because the plastic tempered glass can protect the screen to a good extent from any cracks or damage. 
  • Lastly, get AppleCare Support because when you avail the AppleCare support, you will get a period of two years to repair any kind of damage. Also, technicians of AppleCare are trained so you won’t have to worry about losing any quality service. 

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