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Does Cold Weather Affect Your Mobile Phone’s Function?

mobile repair in cold weather

Does Cold Weather Affect Your Mobile Phone’s Function?

mobile repair in cold weather

You should keep in mind that smartphones can’t endure cold temperature as they are not built for the freezing environment. If the temperature stays close to normal Celsius, then you will not face difficulties, but the negative temperature has certain effects on your smartphone phone. 

You might not know your phone’s battery can become void rapidly because of cold temperatures. Even in extremely cold temperatures, your phone might shut down completely, or the glass of your phone can even break. In extreme cases, you could face trouble in charging. 

You might be curious about the ways to free yourself from this issue. Then, you can opt for the mobile repair services as they are experienced in fixing this kind of issue effectively. 

But, if you are looking for alternatives, to deal with these difficulties associated with your phone, then keep reading to protect the device. 

Cold Weather and Its Effects on Your Smartphone

Chilly weather affects not only your body but also your android and iOS devices. Yes, you heard it right, smartphones are not built for cold weather. Actually, cold weather is a threat to your smartphone. Make sure to visit the mobile repair services which are near to you. However, you should worry and look into the hacks we mentioned below. 

  • Battery Issue 

You might not know, but your phone’s battery produces an electric current, and it occurs when a positive terminal connects with a negative terminal. Because of this, electrons are produced and it supplies power to your phone’s battery. 

Nevertheless, chemical reactions become slower during cold weather and it generates less current. When the battery decreases quickly, it extends the point where it is not able to transfer enough current. Because of that it stops functioning. When the battery warms up completely, it will start to work normally. 

  • Problem with the Touchscreen 

It is highly possible that your smartphone has an LCD display and this kind of display makes the phone more susceptible to the cold weather than AMOLED ones. Because of the cold temperature, you might find that the touchscreen of your phone reacts slowly. 

When you try to text you might notice streaking and ghosting effects. During the frozen months, you should be more careful with your phone and try not to drop it. Because if you drop your phone on the cold ground, then the screen can even shatter. You might not know cold temperature can make the display panel of your smartphone rigid. 

  • Error in External and Internal Components 

If you are in extremely cold weather, then you might notice various types of error start to appear on your phone. Because of those errors, your phone might face difficulties reading the SIM card. 

Even you will find that your phone is not able to process various types of functions. During a survey, it was noticed that most of the insurance is accessed during or after extremely cold days, than any other time in a year. 

Tips and Tricks to Follow to Protect Your Smartphone Against Cold Weather

After knowing how the cold weather affects your smartphone, you can now understand why your phone’s battery crashed due to freezing temperatures. Hence, you must be curious to know the ways to protect your phone against the cold weather. Here we are going to discuss a few tips and tricks that you can follow to protect your phone. But, in extreme situations, whenever you face difficulties to operate your phone, you should visit your nearest mobile repair services. 

  • Switch on Battery Saving Mode 

The first thing you should do during the freezing weather is to save battery life of your phone as much as possible. To do so, you need to activate the battery saving mode or the power-saving mode. 

But, keep in mind that this procedure varies from device to device. Android users can do this by dragging the notification shade and then go to the Setting to select the “battery saving mode”. But, if you are an iPhone user, then go to the Settings and select the “battery” option. Thereafter,  choose the low power mode from there.

You might not know the low power mode or the battery saving mode do different things on individual devices. But, in most of the devices, the power saving mode turns off background data sync, strangulating CPU performance and lowering the brightness of the phone. Thus, the battery saving mode conserves power.

  • Try to Keep Your Phone Warm 

Another hack that you can try to protect your phone from cold weather is to keep your phone as warm as possible. So, when you visit outside, during cold temperatures, make sure to keep your phone in your pocket. 

Try to keep your phone far away from the cold wind as much as possible. You should keep your phone close to your body because the gentle heat of your body will help it to retain warmth. If you keep your phone in your hand, then the sudden heat might harm your phone and overheating the battery degrades the performance.

  • Try to Use a Case on Your Phone 

If you use a flip cover or a back cover on your phone, then it will create a barrier between your phone and the outside world. The cover of your phone will keep it warm. 

Before buying a smartphone check whether the phone is more protected or not in freezing temperatures. You can easily point this to be an utmost solution. Actually, there are different models of phones available in the market, that come with protection against freezing temperatures.


 You should not use a portable charger for charging your phone during cold temperatures as it can harm your phone. It is always advised to visit the nearest mobile repairs Dubai services in case of severe damage. The professionals make sure to treat your phone with care and that will help you to protect your phone against the worst of the weather.

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