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Dead Pixels in the Phone? 3 Ways to Verify

Dead Pixels in the Phone? 3 Ways to Verify

The displays on your phone, and also in other devices are made up of pixels. Over certain periods of time, due to the usages, the pixels might become dead. As a result, you might not be able to perceive the visuals displayed on the phone. So, if you witness any type of abnormality in the display, check the pixels. 

Now, let’s get a thorough idea about the dead pixel and how to check. In case, you aren’t able to find out how the entire mechanism works, you can seek help from the experts associated with mobile repair Dubai

What is a Dead Pixel? 

The displays are built with the help of small RGB (Red Green Blue) cubes like structures, generally called a pixel. A collection of the pixels allows you to see a particular object on the mobile display. Nowadays, the resolution of the displays is getting higher. Thus, it won’t be an easy task to detect a single dead pixel. When the RGB display cube stops emitting light, it is actually known as a dead pixel. In some displays, it cannot be recovered again. 

How to Detect Phone Dead Pixel? 

There are some clever ways to detect a dead pixel. A third-party software might come in handy, but you have to take some additional steps to find a tiny dead pixel. They are here as follows: 

  • Download three pictures 

There are three coloured pictures that will easily help you to detect a dead pixel. The colours are none other than dominant blue, red and yellow. These three colours are solid in nature with deep contrast. If there are any dead pixels on your mobile screen, then it will be visible in the solid colours. The experts of mobile repair Dubai suggests that you should download these three pictures in high resolution for good results. 

  • Run a display inspection 

Inspecting the display is also a way of detecting dead pixels on the screen. After the inspection is over, you can see very tiny black spots on the display, those are dead pixels. In the case of brown pixels, they are on the verge of becoming dead or just stopped working. 

  • Check from system functions 

Every android and iOS device has its display settings. So, you have to take help of that to detect the pixels. First, observe what is the current status of the dead pixels. If it is medium, then there are a few dead pixels on your phone display. When the status is normal, your display is absolutely fine. On the other hand, when the status is critical, you need to go to mobile repair Dubai to change the display as soon as possible. 

Fixing the Dead Pixels 

Well, if you are desperate enough to fix the dead pixels at one shot, then you have to change the display. According to the expert’s suggestions, you can opt for DIY means. 

Other than that, there are fixtures. Software is available that will detect, as well as fix the dead pixels. You will get it on the PlayStore and AppStore. With the help of that application, you will be able to detect and fix the dead pixels. 

Avoiding the Occurrence of Dead Pixels

There are no fixed ways through which you can avoid the occurrence of the dead pixels. If some mobile devices have manufacturing defects, then having the dead pixels is not at all your fault. Generally, the manufacturing defects come into the picture between a few months of the purchase. The international warranty of any mobile device is basically one year. 

There is also a chance of appearance of the dead pixels due to heavy or rough use of your mobile device. So, you have to be attentive. Nowadays, as most of the mobile devices come with the non-removable battery, assigning a heavy task can heat up the device. Excessive heating can result in the dead pixels in the display. 


At the end of the day, the mobile device is the only gateway for communications. So, you have to take care of your device. After you buy a new device, it is better to apply a tempered glass for protection. It will help you to keep your device safe from accidents. 

Other than that, never use any kind of applications that are suspicious. It might have the ability to harm the infrastructure of your device, as well as the display. Whenever you are about to install an application, always check the reviews before attempting to download it on your mobile phone. Alternatively, you can seek help from mobile repair Dubai.

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