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12 Common iPhone Problems and How to Fix Them?

iphone problems

12 Common iPhone Problems and How to Fix Them?

Many iPhone users have reported that they experience several types of issues while trying to update new iOS, transfer data from the old to new iPhone or while trying to install a new application on their device. Numerous reasons can be responsible for these issues. The most possible ones are hardware or software related problems, a bug in iOS that needs to be fixed.

So, here we are about to discuss the most probable reasons and how you can fix them by implementing certain DIY strategies.

Common iPhone Issues and their Solutions

 Here, we have discussed the top 12 common iPhone issues and their solutions. Let’s start.

  • White Screen of Death

An Issue with the hardware or if you are trying to jailbreak the software, or failed to upgrade, it can lead to the White Screen of Death error. To overcome the situation, simply restart your iPhone. However, while restraining the device, if you are unable to fix the problem, you should perform a hard reset of your device. Then, boot your phone into the DFU mode. 

  • Phone App is Freezing

Most of the time after updating the device to iOS 12, this issue reappears. To fix the problem, simply turn off your iPhone. Wait for sometimes and again turn it on. 

Many users suggested updating the device to iOS 12.1. For this, proceed to the Settings section. Then, hit the General button. Furthermore, click on the Software Update option.

  • Battery Drain

The battery draining problem is basically encountered after an iOS update. Through a Factory Reset, you can mitigate the problem. Sometimes uninstalling apps like YouTube and Facebook and accessing them through Safari can save your battery life.

  • Black Screen

Spilling water on iPhone, presence of malware, dropping your iPhone could be the root cause of the black screen issue. To solve the problem, at first, you should completely charge your iPhone to avoid the battery problem. However, if nothing happens, then you should restore your device through iTunes. Before that, you must keep a backup of your important files and documents.

  • iPhone Overheating

If you see a message ‘iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it’ on the screen, it simply indicates that your iPhone is overheating. To get rid of it, at first, you should place your iPhone in a cool environment. 

Afterwards, remove the iPhone case and stop using it for a few minutes. It will be better to switch it off and then turn it on. 

  • Touch Screen Stop Working

Sometimes due to the cache data and dirty screen, the iPhone touch screen might stop working. To fix the problem, make sure that the screen is clean as well as dry. After that, reboot your iPhone and now the touch screen should work properly. However, if not, then free up the iOS storage space and clear all the cache data.

  • iPhone Stuck on the Apple Logo

Multiple reasons can be responsible for this problem. Now, to eradicate the error, you should restart your iPhone. However, if this solution does not work for you, you can even perform a hard reset or put your device into the DFU mode. Remember that, before the hard reset, you must keep a backup of your important data.

  • iTunes Error 3194

When trying to upgrade or restore your iPhone, you might experience the iTunes error 3194. Most of the time this occurs owing to the incorrect firmware version. To solve the issue, you should make changes to the host files. Besides, you can perform a Factory Reset to wipe out the iTunes error code 3194.

  • Face ID Stop Working

Millions of users have reported this error. To fix it, reboot your iPhone and check whether the Face ID is working or not. If not, navigate to the Settings and reset the Face ID. If you are still encountering the same problem, contact Apple center.

  • Bluetooth Not Working

Unable to pair the iPhone with Bluetooth is another common iPhone issue. To troubleshoot the problem, move to the Settings. From there, first, turn off and then turn on the Bluetooth device. Restart your iPhone and again try to connect it with Bluetooth.

  • iPhone is Unable to Connect to Wi-Fi

Users claimed that after updating to iOS 11, they are unable to connect their iPhone to the Wi-Fi. The basic solution is to reboot your phone as well as check the Wi-Fi connection. Also, ensure that the router is working properly and upgraded to the latest firmware.

  • iPhone Speaker Stop Working

In case you can not hear sound from the iPhone, make sure that your phone is not in silent mode and the volume buttons are high. Also, ensure that the Bluetooth is turned off. 

So, these are top reported problems, that can be easily solved if you know the appropriate techniques. But, if you are accustomed to this domain then it is advised to look for an iPhone repair service center.

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